Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just press start...

So after attending E3 over a month ago, I came home with this great idea to start a gaming blog. And I did, in fact, create this one that very same night with all my good intentions and whatnot. The problem? I got too busy playing video games to actually sit down, finish the layout and finally get a first entry written.

Well, okay, so there was that little thing called a job too, which I DO need after all to support my gaming habit.

So who in Hades are you?

Chances are if you're reading this, you probably know me already. I may not exactly plug this thing at every turn I get - but maybe every once in a while. Let's go with a need-to-know basis, and all you need to know is: I'm some Canadian chick who has been playing games since uh... the Atari 2600.

But you work for a gaming website. Why a blog?

You see, I told you you know me. For the confused, okay yeah, I work at RPGFan, but I don't really write opinion-based pieces like editorials or reviews. I do news, and update the social media sites (like Twitter), but those are obviously much simpler and require less thought and not a lot of opinions. Also, message board posts don't count! Aside from those, I haven't got much practice in writing opinion pieces, unless I'm ranting about school or hockey, and this is a far less intimidating forum than an RPGFan review or editorial. I think.

Aside from that, a site called RPGFan limits one to.. well, RPGs. Yes, I do love them dearly and grew up on the 16-bit Squaresoft ones. But I also have a lot of love for different genres, especially action games - such as the Devil May Cry and Bayonetta hack and slash type, for one. You might recall that at the beginning of this post I mentioned E3. Believe me, I had a lot of trouble writing previews about many of the RPGs I played there, even ones I stuck with for half an hour. But I could have easily cranked out quite a bit on, say, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Why? Well, it was much easier to get into, I love the series so I (sort of) knew what was going on, and I played the lengthy demo from start to finish. Basically, I'd love to ramble on about games a) not necessarily RPGs and b) in a less formal setting, but not SO informal it's a message board.

So... another girl gamer blog. Great?

God, I hate that term. With a passion. Yes, I have boobs and a vagina. Yes, this blog is entirely purple (for now), but I think being a 'girl gamer' is such a lame and incredibly overused angle. The male-female ratio in gaming may be incredibly lopsided still, but estrogen and video games is not an unheard of thing anymore. And they haven't been for a while. I don't want people to read the stuff here with the mindset of 'oh, it's a female's perspective...' Because it's not, really, it's just a gamer's perspective. Gender shouldn't, in most cases, be a factor.

Besides, I'm probably not your typical female. Whatever that may be in gaming.

Is the blog's URL a Shin Megami Tensei reference?

Um, yeah, I was kinda short on ideas. And while debating which difficulty to play once I got Persona 3 Portable, that popped into my head as a blog 'name.' Again, if you know me and you likely do, I'm a bit of an SMT... maniac. If last summer were to prove anything.

We now know you like bloody action, SMT and apparently some other RPGs. What else are you into?

I'll tell you what I'm not, a PC or MMO person. For one, I have a Mac. (Yeah yeah, Steam. Shut up, mine's not Intel.) Two... I tend to get addicted which would make MMOs the worst idea ever. Besides, I like to spread my gaming time around many different titles, hockey games, whatever. That's not to say I don't like multiplayer, because I love me some Smash Bros. and I am looking forward to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 so much it's kind of pathetic. I do love Metal Gear Solid and Metroid as well.

As for RPGs, I can't tell you the last thing I played that wasn't MegaTen. Welll, there was Chrono Trigger DS. 16-bit Squaresoft RPGs are some of my favorites. The Fire Emblem series also, although they've kind of spoiled me for other strategy RPGs. Unfortunately, I'm a tad behind in those games.

I will tell you that what I'm playing right now is, well, a few things: Bayonetta for PS3 (just started); SMT: Strange Journey for the DS (about three hours in); Persona 3 Portable (almost at July) and Devil May Cry 4 (final boss). They're all rated M - a coincidence, I swear!

A bit lengthy, but I'll blame it on this being the intro post.

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  1. As the master of lengthy blog entries and message board posts, I can easily say that was NOT at all lengthy, and I in fact want to read more. :P

    Also, it warmed my heart to see Metroid mentioned in here.

    Anyway, well-done intro. I of course knew all this and more about you, but it covers all the basics I think, especially your violent streak.